No one knows what it means to be living the life of a startup better than those that are directly involved in America’s startup culture right now. Eventfarm, HyperVocal and Fighter Interactive embody the “up at dawn, work until the wee hours, and ‘what’s a regular paycheck?'” mentality and have come together to launch “StartUp RockOn,” a series of events that will celebrate that entrepreneurial spirit.

From a garage band to culture-shifting software, from next-generation media companies to 21st century energy solutions, the greatest American success stories start (and will start) through ingenuity, creativity, hard work and perseverance. StartUp RockOn honors the entrepreneurs of America’s bright future.

Launching at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions through a thrilling series of events, where conventioneers will want to be and be seen, StartUp RockOn will combine exciting live music & programmed events by day/night to bring together entrepreneurs, policymakers, celebrities, and other VIPs. Startups will be highlighted, as well as given a chance to meet and learn from those that have come before them.

Our StartUp Challenge will help bolster one national and one local Startup with a grant, ensuring StartUp RockOn will live beyond two weeks in Charlotte and Tampa.

Join us. No jacket required!

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