StartUp RockOn is more than just a great party. We are a team of entrepreneurs running start-ups ourselves, and we are eager to help our own. We aren’t so far removed from start-up challenges, and we’ll never forget what it’s like to actually cook from scratch. We are still in the midst of our own hurdles, which is why we’re dedicated to lending a helping hand.

Through our partnership with MassChallenge, the StartUp Challenge will help bolster one local startup at each event with a financial infusion of up to $5,000, ensuring the legacy of StartUp RockOn will live beyond stellar events. Winners will be chosen by a VIP jury and will be invited to attend our events and join the StartUp RockOn community.

Congratulations to CodeNow, our 2013 Inaugural StartUp Grant Challenge Winner. CodeNow “teaches underrepresented high school students foundational skills in computer programming through free extra curricular off campus trainings. This is essential because it lowers the barriers normally associated with programming by opening the door at an earlier stage when youths are just beginning to explore their options and opportunities. Since launching in 2011 CodeNow provided more than 2,500 hours of free training and awarded 53 Netbooks. Nearly 40% of…students are girls.”

Previous winners include Citizinvestor (FL/RNC) & WeRx (NC/DNC).

Our Challenges have been judged by top entrepreneurs and startup supporters, including:
Matt Mullenweg, Co-founder, WordPress; Founder, Automattic
Michael Kempner, Founder, President & CEO, MWW Group
Priya Dayananda, KPMG
Michael Petricone, SVP of Government Relations, Consumer Electronics Association
Stacey Tank, Senior Vice President and Chief Corporate Relations Officer, Heineken USA
David Pryor, Jr., Director of Federal Government Affairs, Microsoft
Scott Bailey, Director of Partnerships, MassChallenge
Ryan Costello, CEO of EventFarm
Lee Brenner, Co-Founder of HyperVocal
Kwasi Asare, CEO of Fighter Interactive

Please check back for future Challenges.