StartUp RockOn is more than just a great party. We are a team of entrepreneurs running start-ups ourselves, and we are eager to help our own. We aren’t so far removed from start-up challenges, and we’ll never forget what it’s like to actually cook from scratch. We are still in the midst of our own hurdles, which is why we’re dedicated to lending a helping hand.

Click here to apply for the “StartUp Challenge” to help jump-start your great idea. The Challenge will help bolster one local startup at each Convention with seed grants upto $5,000 (so one in NC, one in FL), ensuring the legacy of StartUp RockOn at the Conventions will live beyond two weeks in Charlotte and Tampa. Winners will be chosen by a VIP jury and will be invited to attend our launch events in August/September. The application period closed at 8am EST on August 24. Please continue to check here for updates on the winners!

The Challenge will be judged by a panel of entrepreneurs and startup supporters, including:
Matt Mullenweg, Co-founder, WordPress; Founder, Automattic
Michael Kempner, Founder, President & CEO, MWW Group
Priya Dayananda, KPMG
Ryan Costello, CEO of EventFarm
Lee Brenner, Co-Founder of HyperVocal
Kwasi Asari, CEO of Fighter Interactive

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