Each representing a start-up, we’ve assembled an experienced Start Up Rock On production team, including:

EventFarm is taking the events industry by storm and has set out to revolutionize online ticketing, electronic invitations, and guest registration. Founded by event producers who were frustrated by the solutions today’s market offers, the company develops online and mobile tools that event planners need to be successful. EventFarm has quickly developed a very high profile client list including: Facebook, Google, Bentley, Hermes, Time Inc., Conde Naste, BET, Audi, and many more. The platform is unique in its ability to be fully customized and fully electronic – eliminating the need for any printed material. Recently, music venues have also begun turning to EventFarm since traditional ticketing services have not evolved and don’t offer mobile solutions.

Representing EventFarm on the SURO team, Ryan Costello is a co-founder and the CEO of EventFarm. With over 10 years of experience producing large scale music events, Ryan brings a perfect blend of skills and enthusiasm to the team.  Ryan has a degree in Computer Science from Georgetown University, and while it sounds impossible, he currently resides in Boston and Washington, DC.

HyperVocal is a next-generation media company that brings quality, viral content to all its readers through its proprietary algorithm that curates the most salient headlines being shared by influencers. The flagship HyperVocal.com engages the Twitter Generation with a comprehensive look at the hyper-frenetic, attention-deficit news cycle. As part of its business strategy and philanthropic urges, HyperVocal donates a portion of company profits to education and literacy programs.

As a founder of HyperVocal, Lee Brenner co-founded SURO. He now spends his days as Business Development and Media Partnerships Lead on Microsoft’s Technology & Civic Engagement team. Lee has conducted social media trainings around the world for companies, organizations and government institutions. Lee was previously the Director of IMPACT & Executive Producer of Political & Non-Profit Engagement Programming at MySpace. As such, he directed all political, civic and news engagement marketing activities for the social portal. Brenner was Executive Producer of the 2007-08 MySpace/MTV Presidential Dialogues series. He also forged the landmark 2008 partnership between MySpace and the Commission on Presidential Debates and has been an Internet Adviser to the Commission. Prior to joining MySpace, Brenner was Senior Editorial Producer at CNN.

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